The Question of Hyderabad

Posted in Uncategorized by Sameer Boray on December 12, 2009

By 1947, just before the British left India, all but 3 princely states agreed to join the Union of India.These were Junagadh, Kashmir and Hyderabad. A small glimpse into history; Hyderabad was one of the few regions in India that was not directly controlled by the British, but was still under the suzerainty of Great Britain.The Nizams in effect ruled and reigned in Hyderabad and were in fact popular with the masses because of their development activities they undertook ,such as building lakes in this very dry region of India(Shamirpet lake in an example of this artificial lake).

However , when the curtains closed on the British in India, Hyderabad wished to be part of Pakistan.It would have been an island of Pakistan literally in the middle of India.Thankfully due to the valiant efforts of Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Menon, Hyderabad did manage to join the Republic of India in 1948.

But it seems even after 62 years of Independence, the question of Hyderabad has been raised again due to the possible bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into Andhra and Telengena. This time Hyderabad is in the middle of Telengena but the de facto controllers of the Hyderabad economy are Andhra people.I’m not going to be commenting on whether dividing Andhra will open “the pandora’s box”, but just see how Hyderabad is going to be affected.

Here are a few solutions to the Hyderabad problem:
1.Make it a Union territory like Chandigarh which can be the common capital of Andhra and Telengana
2.Let Hyderabad be the capital of Telengana and make Vishakapatnam the capital of Andhra.
3. A rather bizarre solution , Let Hyderabad be the capital of Telengana and Secunderabad , the capital of Andhra.
4.If Andhra is not divided, then no problems.

Personally i feel the first solution might be the best considering Andhra is heavily dependent on Hyderabad in terms of administration and economy.Other questions that can be raised are: The jurisdiction of the Andhra Pradesh High court, seat allotment in the state and central legislatures, the question of which administration various universities across Andhra Pradesh will come under.

The next few weeks in Hyderabad are going to be full of fireworks and until an amenable solution can be found for Hyderabad, i’m afraid there will be a political deadlock and an all out battle for the City of Pearls. New Delhi must really step in and be the moderator between Andhra and Telengana.


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