Ciao to Humanities!

Posted in Uncategorized by Sameer Boray on November 29, 2009

India is a country with a plethora of talent, and its universities( at least on paper) offer a multitude of subjects to satisfy the thirst for knowledge.But what has happened over the years? Disciplines such as History, Political Science, Philospohy(grouped as humanities) are losing their credibility.Writings of famous thinkers such as Nietzsche, John Stuart Mill, Rousseau are being classified as “cacophony’.This is due to the advent of the “arts people are unintelligent” syndrome , which has crept into the educational fabric of the this country.
Some of India’s greatest educationalists such as Dr Radhakrishan were in fact Arts students.But sadly Humanities as a discipline is losing its credibility.As law students we are probably more inclined towards humanities than to Science or Commerce.But most people in law school look at these arts subjects as just an extra burden , not a stepping stone to legal disciplines one shall be doing in higher years.This thought occurred to me while i was reading an article in The Hindu on why Humanties as a discipline is not given its due credit.What happened to appreciating literature in its finest sense? What happened to appreciating life through philosophy? What happened to learning mankind’s mistakes through the eyes of history? Unless people realize that by doing humanities, one can also be successful in life, things won’t change and the day when we say goodbye to humanities won’t be far away.

Note:no disrespect intended to my fellow commerce and science students.


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  1. Anand Madanapalle said, on December 10, 2009 at 10:08 am

    I think “commercial viability” has played a huge role here. Somehow, over the past decade or so, engineering and medicine have “emerged” as the streams which ensure a steady flow of income. (Is that even true?) Personally, I still believe I’d be much happier in an arts course as compared to what I’m doing right now.

    What we need to realize is that in India, education is a path one takes to earn his daily bread and butter. Interests and passions are taboo, for a majority of people. Especially if these interests can’t be translated into rupees.

    People in my college still can’t understand why I prefer reading Kuldip Nayar to Van Valkenburg’s rant on Network Analysis. Perhaps holistic development has taken a backseat.

    Somewhere, the government must step in. I was hopeful of something happening when Kapil Sibal took charge, but I’m disappointed.

    I’m an engineering student, and I hate it.

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