Gender Rights Watch: Nepal

Posted in gender equality, human rights, society by Gautam on November 24, 2009

Slightly more than a year since Nepal adopted its Constituent Assembly. ..

A critical issue as regards nations such as Nepal, more so in nations such as Sudan, Afghanistan and Rwanda,- that move towards a more evolved society promising equality and justice is that they seldom account for the very vital issue of addressing past Human Rights violations.

When a nation moves towards establishing a society with the ideals of freedom and equality, it must realise that the people of such nations dont really understand what freedom and equality mean. Laying down a framework of dispensing justice, institutions od public importance.. and democracy involve bringing such notions of a ‘developed society’ to a people that doesnt know they exist, and have an idea of how they function.

Therefore, more important that establishing such institutions, is the attempt at addressing past violations of those very ideals.  investigation Tribunals, Truth Commissions and Commissions for reparation are major components of the first move towards a free society in such nations.

..Slightly more than a year since Nepal adopted its Constituent Assembly when the Maoists made commitments to protect women’s rights, activists in Nepal continue to be at high risks of attack from various hate groups.  Women there  have constantly subjected to various forms of oppression for most of their history thus far. Long periods of sexual subordination of lead notions of gender equality to be skewed by norms that have relentlessly been the axes of differentiation, discrimination and denomination of the ‘fairer’ sex.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights recently approached the Nepalese government to extend their mandate by another three years so they can continue to work towards capacity-builidng of national human rights institutions, stating further that the country was deprave of the basic minimum infrastructure even, that was necessary to promote the ideals of gender justice. Their mandate expired in June this year.

The government also has plans of a truth Commission and other transitional justice mechanisms that dont seem to be taking off in the near future. My thoughts end thinking about how disastrous it will be for the country if they proceed to establish a society on such weak foundations without attempting to undo the damage done by a previously heinous society.


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