Judicial Review of the State’s Anti Terror Activities: The IJCL Online Symposium

Posted in Uncategorized by Gautam on October 11, 2009

The Indian Journal of Constitutional Law is organising an Online Symposium to mark the release of its 3rd Issue.

I would first like to commend the team on the outstanding 3rd Volume. Seldom do we get to witness such a well defined combination of articles and material that would exemplify research and scholarship in its truly best forms; This Third Volume is reflective of a wide plethora of perspective by renowned scholars from the world over. What is particularly stunning is that such a young Journal has in a matter of 3 releases accomplished such high standards of contributions to the legal fraternity. An abstract of the Journals description from its website is pasted below:

“…Released Semi-Annually in March and September every year, this Journal examines an array of issues that are instrumental in developing the theoretical and practical aspects of Comparative Constitutional Law in a contemporary context.”


The IJCL Online Symposium is being hosted on the Constitutional Law Society’s online discussion platform. This symposium on Judicial Review of the State’s Anti Terror Activities has been set against a piece by Prof.Kent Roach in the recent Issue of the Journal.  A description of this aspect is posted on the website as…

“In this article, Prof.Roach examines the inter-play between deference to the decisions of the Executive and Legislature and existing norms of Judicial Review in a context that has arisen of the post 9/11 era of Anti-Terrorism efforts.  In doing so, he proposes that while Judicial Review of Anti-Terrorism measures can be justified by the need to protect the rights of unpopular minorities and the nature of proportionality review, the surge of such efforts owing to an increased need of security demands a certain amount of creativity in reviewing such efforts which ought to inevitably be influenced by deference to the decision making capacity of the other two organs of the State.  This piece is set against a background depicting the set contemporary scenario in Anti-terrorism measures in the three major regions of India, the United States and Europe.”

Prof. Christina Eckes from the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Public Policy and Dr.Shylashri Shankar from the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) from the primary respondents to Prof.Roach’s peice and will go on to set off what promises to be an engaging and intellectually challenging debate.

The website maybe accessed at


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