26/11/2008- Mumbai- “Let’s hear what they have to say….”

Posted in human rights, politics by Nehaa on December 1, 2008

In the wake of 26/11 and all the events that unfolded since, and after having witnessed endless discussions about the same, it appears that quite a few people are missing the point altogether!-statements about the loss of business, tourism taking a hit and so on hold absolutely no water in the wake of this disaster!!
Not denying that Mumbai being our financial capital et al, look at the BIG PICTURE- lives have been lost, the weakness of our country in dealing (rather anticipating and taking necessary action) is exposed for the world to see and we continue to march on the same path, on the way to committing the same mistakes year after year, at the mercy of a bunch of babbling idiots who have the audacity to call themselves the leaders of this country, (all thanks to you and me!)
i don’t know how many of u managed to catch the PM’s “so called” address to the nation- i saw some pre- recorded thing on DD News- with all due respect to Dr. Singh, but that was hardly an address to give a nation stunned, crippled and devastated, not to mention angry and frustrated at the govt, waiting for some heads to roll!- it lacked passion and feeling and it was so very obvious he was reading from a tele prompter
i am no way trying to tell him how to do his job, there’s no way in hell m qualified enough to do that and m sure the events must have been weighing quite heavily on his mind too, all m saying is that the nation needed some reassurance from the PM at this hour and sadly, speech if that speech was meant to reassure the nation , well……………………..

its insane how the “political gurus” of our country turn tragedies into toys and innocent lives lost into puppets in their drama for power, should be shot dead all of them!- How hard would it have been for all these leaders (Mr. Advani, Mr. J. singh, Dr.Singh, Mrs. Gandhi, Mr. Patil, Mr. Antony and a few others) to share a flight, show a front of solidarity in the face of this adversity, sending out a strong clear message to the citizens?? Nah….. citizens… what’s that……VOTE BANK???? NOW U R TALKING!!! Shobha De actually made a very apt statement with respect to this as she said that it’s a good thing they dint come down to the Taj, Oberoi and Nariman House, had they come the Security would have thronged to them and the people need potection ,these politicians be damned!- sums up the sentiments of a few million people ver bluntly and all i can say is AMEN!
i mean seriously, a well known politician making a statement like, (and i quote) “when we are in power only 24000 ppl have suffered as a result of the terrorist activites, when the NDA gvt was there, 36000 ppl had suffered”
further, our dear dear dear ex Home Minister saying “india is such a big country, if 5000 ppl die in a country of 1 billion, it is to be expected in a country as big as ours!”
i wonder what he would have to say if even one of those 5000 ppl was the daughter of his uncle’s brother in law’s sister’s son……………hmmmm………………………………
and to Mr. Deshmukh, God knows how that man still calls himself the CM of Maharashtra- again, personal opinion, but having an ounce of integrity, he should have resigned, a hell of a long time ago!
and of course, our dear dear dear Mr. Thakrey, the silence is deafening!! did ne one hear Marathi Manoos- any one………………………………….still waiting

Hats off to the NSG, the police force, the firefighters, and everyone of those who pulled us through
May all those who lost their lives rest in peace

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  1. Mika said, on December 1, 2008 at 10:50 am

    Like i said, competence among politicians is a thing of the 1960s. Now we dont even have a decent replacement for Shivraj Patil and so they reshuffle the Cabinet. Same 5 men again. 5 capable men is all we managed?

    Lives will continue to be lost and all this melodrama about looking at the bigger picture will continue. We’re always waiting for a REASON to do something effective. It took Operation Bluestar to create the NSG, it takes 6 terror attacks back to back to CONSIDER creating an anti-terror law that works. Waiting for death to offer a bloody palliative.

  2. Mika said, on December 1, 2008 at 10:54 am

    And Shivraj Patil’s supposed timely tendering of his resignation was just another strategic move to save the Congress’s ass in the wake of elections come 2009.

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